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New Business Formation

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Starting a new business is incredibly exciting, and with limitless possibilities. But not taking the time to develop a solid structure and habits at the onset of your new venture could lead to issues down the road. Together, we will develop an action plan and proper habits to ensure you don't stall out before you achieve your goals. We will help you accomplish the following:

  • Discuss proper entity structure to limit your liability and save tax dollars
  • Prepare and file your organization with the State
  • Prepare and file your application for a federal employer identification so you can file tax returns, payroll reports, and obtain a bank account
  • Prepare and file any additional tax forms with the proper federal and state agencies, if applicable
  • Discuss a partner or shareholder agreement, which is vital to operations and saving future headaches
  • Discuss software, insurance, capital needs, and how to take the first steps toward achieving your short and long term objectives
  • Establish procedures to simplify your life, monitor your cash, and control costs
  • Set you up with a cost-effective payroll solution

Please call or e-mail today to set up a meeting. Ensuring a solid foundation for your new entity should be the first good decision you make for your business!

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